A select group of individual hotels, pubs and restaurants in the North West of England.


Started in 1996 by Martin & Helen Ainscough, the “group” to start with really just began with a small handful of people wanting to get involved with the joint belief that this new business was going to be a worthwhile concept that was going to make a difference.
In the early years it started with The Eagle and Child in Parbold and from there infamous places such as Ziba in Liverpool were conceived and old favourites that were steeped in history were acquired and encouraged to prosper under new friendly ownership.

Time and sheer hard work has allowed the group to prosper into what is now a boutique company, offering superb establishments with excellent food and drink complimented by friendly efficient service.

It doesn’t just stop there, we also own hotels. The Miller Howe Hotel situated on the banks of Windermere, Cumbria has for years been associated with high class excellence and amazing views. Ok, so now we sound like we are bragging, but we are immensely proud to be part of such a great chunk of culinary history that we can now take forward and develop into a destination that is available for everyone to experience. With rooms that could have been torn out of the best “style bibles” of the 2oth century yet remaining true to it’s original slow pace and tranquil setting with unassuming service and excellent gastronomy. Remember though- “exclusive” doesn’t mean “excluded” and although we love to offer something special we want to steer clear of the slippery slope of pretentiousness that is the downfall of some of the best establishments. We offer good value without allowing the quality to suffer, and that is evident throughout the company.

Oh, sorry, we have forgotten something, our new Farm Shop at The Eagle and Child. A new concept from Martin and Helen- and WHAT a concept. Imagine this….. you have had a perfect pint from the award winning Eagle and Child and you haven’t the time to sample the menu and for one reason or another there isn’t any food at home. The Farm Shop comes to the rescue with a varied range of freshly prepared meals to take away and a butchery corner to satisfy the hungriest carnivore in you. Peruse the shelves stocked full of wine, dry goods and condiments to create the prefect quick meal or a banquet fit for Lancashire’s finest (the Lancashire bit isn’t compulsory though!)


Bispham Green Brewery Limited, Bispham Green,